Sean Shaver


The Story of Sean Shaver


Sean was only a few years younger than Elvis. He grew up during the same times. He always talked about how happy he was that he happened to be a teenager in the 50s and that he fell in love with cameras and photography at an early age. His love of photography was second only to his love of being there during the amazing life of Elvis Presley. As a little kid his hobby was taking pictures with his little Kodak camera. He said many times that once he aimed his camera at Elvis he found out why cameras had been invented in the first place. Over the next two decades he changed cameras several times and aimed them at Elvis many thousands of times. By August 1977 he had amassed the finest private collection of film in the world of the man voted the Entertainer of the 20th Century...

When I examined his film I found photos on stage and off stage, at all his homes and ranch. On movie locations, on his private planes, in his cars, and backstage. At work and at play. The scope and amount staggers the mind.

According to him his greatest achievement was having Elvis personally request some of his photos. After Elvis died even Vernon and Minnie Mae requested photographs of their boy from him. He was the only photographer invited by Vernon to photograph the final resting place in Meditation Garden of Elvis and Gladys.

Sean's are the most recognized and sought after photographs of Elvis Presley in the world. You would have been privileged indeed if you had been able to have traveled along with him and seen everything he aimed his camera at. Now you can.

Come along with him now..........

              you are not going to believe your eyes