Sean Shaver


Special Rare Items
Every time an author writes a book the publisher gives the author several copies of the book that are bound different than the regular copies. These are called PRESENTATION EDITIONS, but are usually referred to as Author's Copies. These special books sometimes are very costly to produce. They are made to be given away to special friends of the publisher and to friends of the author. In the case of Sean's books they were given to friends of Elvis and Sean. There were between twenty-five and forty Author's Copies of each of Sean's books.

Author's Copy of THE LIFE OF ELVIS PRESLEY: These are bound in both brown and white leatherette. They have a totally different photo of Elvis inside the embossed frame on the front cover of the book. This photograph has never been printed in any other book nor has it ever been seen outside of Sean's own private collection. Plus each book has been personally autographed by the four people that contributed to the content. 1. Billy Smith [Elvis' cousin] 2. Charlie Hodge [Elvis' friend and stage director] 3. Dick Grob [Elvis' chief of security] 4. And of course Sean has signed it too. Only 25 of these special presentation editions were made this way.  only $375

Author's Copy of THE ELVIS BOOK volume 2: These are really something special. All are bound in a very thick padded blue leatherette. The title and the photo of Elvis are embossed into the leather in 100% real silver. The three edges of the book are gilt-edged in real silver too. Only twenty-five copies of this book were made this way. Be one of the very few to own this special edition presentation book. only $275
Author's Copy of Portrait Portfolio: These are bound in black leatherette with a silver bottom. These books came in a custom made slip-case. A single b/w photo is on the center of the slip-case. Three or four different never-before-seen portraits of Elvis were used on the cover of the slip-case box. Only 25 were made this way. only $225

Author's Copy of Our Memories of Elvis: Bound in white leatherette and inside a brushed gold presentation box. Also included in the box are 3 8x10 photographs. Only 23 of these are left. 

Author's Copy of Elvis In Focus: This book has a completely different cover with one of the most fabulous photos you ever saw on the front.


THREE TOUR BOOKS FROM THE 70s: A collection of three 9x12 sixteen page tour books put out by Sean back in 1974, 1975, and 1978. Each is filled with rare photographs not in other books. Two of the tour books are in black and white and one is in full color. You get all three for only $24.